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More and more volunteers are signing up everyday.  Your help is needed and will take just a few minutes each time you provide input.  Just click on one of the many input sections, like Heroes, Mentors and Role Models, or Movie Reviews and fill in the boxes. With each written contribution, you earn points for gifts like free tee shirts or free subscriptions.  Plus, you and thousands of other GreatNewsToday readers are contributing valuable feedback that could make everlasting, positive impacts to our online community.  For more info, please click on How to Volunteer or How to Join at the top of the Home Page.

Family & Friends
Do you have an inspirational story to share about a hero, or a personal mentor, or a close friend or family member who you admire as the perfect role model?  Join hundreds of others who are sending in their stories before Christmas and will receive a free GreatNewsToday tee shirt stamped with our unique "Contributing Editor" logo!  What a great way to honor a person who has made a positive impact on your life!

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The GreatNewsToday staff is now compiling hundreds of reviews of books, current movies, videos, TV shows and music.  Please help us build our feedback section; each time you read a book or see a movie or video, please go to our database and fill in the blanks.  The more reviews provided the better we will be able to give a broad synopisis of all current entertainment media available.  Thank you for your support!

Living God's Way
Be one of the first to read the book so many have been waiting for, Pastor Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life".  Click on Living Gods Way... Bibles, Books, and Other Stuff for information on how to get your copy today!   

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